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Black Dog

Assist with Animal Care

​We strive to be ready to assist individual pet owners, animal rescues or animal shelters with vet care, rescue efforts, emergency surgeries, food and necessary supplies to maintain a healthy and happy pet.

A few stories that stand out..

Dog in Car
Diesel had a condition known as PLE. One of the impacts of this condition is that he fills up with fluid. He continually had to have the fluid drained. The frequency in which the fluid would build in him was a huge concern. We didn't know what Diesel's future held but we knew that we simply must help him and his family. We were here for the family as they went through extensive testing, specialized diet, fluid drainage and a biopsy. Unfortunately for Diesel, he continued to be a medical mystery. Every test was done, every instruction was followed, every ounce of love his family had was given to him. Diesel was tired and fell asleep. Every single animal on this planet deserves the dedication and love that Diesel's family provided to him every day of his life.


These are just a few of the many stories that have touched my heart over the years. This is why we do this, to help animals like these.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support our organization so that we can create so many more happy endings.

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